Welcome to The Watch!

  • 10 November 2021
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Welcome to The Watch!
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The place to be for all things relating to the Centreon universe … and more. 

I’m pleased to welcome you to The Watch, the new way to connect with the broader Centreon community. In this brief introduction, I’m hoping to answer some of your initial questions on The Watch—and send you on your way to productive and enlightening conversations with fellow Watchers, including knowledgeable Centreonians.


Why The Watch, a Centreon community? 

We want you to enjoy an immersive community experience. The Watch not only brings people together, but also connects them to the information and insights they need, helping them achieve a variety of purposes all in one place. Our other collaborative channels, such as Slack and Github remain open, but The Watch is where our collective knowledge will reside from now on—so please make yourself at home too!

And in case you’re wondering: The Watch is the perfect name for a community focused on watching over IT performance. 


Now this community is yours to contribute to and benefit from—here are a few hints as you’re on your way to fruitful networking and learning. 


Let us know how you’re doing and how we could improve our community!

2 replies

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Welcome to The Watch everyone!

Let’s all together make that Winter is not coming… !  

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Hi to everyone!

Thank you for this community, I’m so happy to be here!