Summer break

  • 2 August 2023
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Summer break
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🌟 We've hit a milestone with almost 500 new members joining us this year! If you're not part of the fun yet, hop aboard and be part of this awesome ride! Also, don't forget to subscribe to our Latest News and Product Updates pages to stay in the loop! 💌

We've witnessed some remarkable progress! The Watch platform experienced a whopping 47% surge in unique visitors and an impressive 51% rise in page views between the first part of the year and the last six months of 2022. Our community is flourishing! 🚀📈

But It's time for some chill vibes! 🌴 We'll be taking it easy in August, so no weekly Community Recap. But the forums are always buzzin' with chatter, so feel free to keep the convo rollin' on all sorts of topics.

Recap of the Past 6 Months and Exciting Topics Ahead!

  • Here you'll find all the webinars, articles and tutorials we've had this semester.
  • You must have caught wind of it by now, but just in case a few of you missed the buzz, Centreon version 23.04 has been unleashed! Dive into all the exciting details of this new version here, and mark your calendars for 23.10, slated for October. Stay tuned!
  • Check out this awesome video from @Laurent! He walks you through setting up a SAML connection for user authentication and management in Centreon. If you're loving the format or have other cool ideas for topics and formats to share, drop a comment below and let us know! We're all ears. 👂🎥
  • Calling all Centreon AIOps Extension enthusiasts! Welcome to the ultimate hangout spot for AIOps users. Let's chat, share tips, and explore this awesome feature together! And guess what? You can test it for free! Check it out here! 🚀
  • Save the date! The next Centreon Summit is set for November 23! More deets coming soon, so stay tuned. If you're eager to participate or lead an interactive session, just drop me a message in my inbox. Let's make this Summit one for the books! 🗓️
  • Catch us at the Open Source Experience on December 6 and 7, in Paris! If you're around, drop by and say hi! We'd love to meet you there! 😎👋 More detail here. 
  • Mark your calendars for September 28, as we've got an exciting Centreon Connect session lined up! It's an afterwork event where we'll reveal some cool new features, introduce our new CTO in person, and get insights from SAFRAN on their Centreon journey. Check out the agenda and secure your spot now. Remember, this event is in French and takes place at our Paris offices. See you there! 🗓️
  • We've given ourselves a fresh new look, complete with a shiny new logo and graphics. I'll tell you more about it in September 😁

And please don’t forget it, we need your valuable input! Take just 3 minutes to share your thoughts on The Watch. Your feedback will help us make it even better for you. Thanks in advance! 🚀

Wishing you a fantastic summer! 😎🌞

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